Tlc diet limiting saturated fat

By | June 3, 2021

tlc diet limiting saturated fat

The TLC diet is low-saturated-fat, low-cholesterol eating plan that calls for less than 7 percent of calories from saturated fat and less than mg of dietary cholesterol per day 2. The TLC diet recommends eating only enough calories to maintain a desirable weight and avoid weight gain. Certain food products that contain plant stanols or plant sterols for example, cholesterol-lowering margarines can also be added to the TLC diet to boost its LDL-lowering power. The other 2 parts of the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program are physical activity and weight management. Sometimes, medication also is needed 4. Fat is a nutrient that helps the body function in various ways: For example, it supplies the body with energy. It also helps other nutrients work. But the body needs only small amounts of fat, and too much of the saturated type will increase cholesterol in the blood. There are different types of fat, and they have different effects on cholesterol and heart disease risk. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that occurs naturally in all parts of the body.

An ARB valsartan, candesartan, losartan or olmesartan is suitable alternative in patients intolerant of ACE inhibitor. A heart attack occurs if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle is cut off. Nuts can be eaten in moderation on the TLC diet—be sure the amount you eat fits your calorie intake. Excessive weight gain over time can result in obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, joint problems and a host of other debilitating diseases including heart disease. As with soluble fiber, plant stanols and sterols help block the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract, which helps to lower LDL—without affecting HDL or triglycerides. Also, make sure they meet the TLC diet guidelines. A Arrhythmias: Many patients with myocardial infarction may develop following form of arrhythmia. See how your cholesterol numbers compare to the tables below. This can lead to coronary heart disease, angina chest pain, carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease and chronic kidney disease. If the clot becomes large enough, it can mostly or completely block blood flow through a coronary artery. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease.

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Cholesterol-lowering margarines contain plant stanols and sterols. If either of these travels through the body, ultimately lodging in an artery to the heart, it causes a heart attack. The diet also seeks to eradicate unhealthy habits, such as poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle. D Percarditis — pericarditis develop on the second or third days after myocardial infarction. Prevention can be achieved by modification of lifestyle and initiating the preventive drug therapy. Be sure to trim any fat from meat and remove skin from poultry before cooking.

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