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Looking for book recommendations? 5 top reads every woman should by reading this summer

Looking for book recommendations? Self-confessed bookworm MJ Woodman, whose debut novel Divine is out now, reveals the 5 top reads every woman should be reading this summer   Whether you’re laying on a beach, sitting on a bench in the park or relaxing in the garden, sitting under the summer sun with an un-putdownable book is… Read More »

Diet for skinny fat woman

Occasionally, a good program will have variation, and you can dip to either side, say 4—40 reps. Here is my exact bikini body supplement regiment. On lower-body days, I use small resistance bands to activate my legs and glutes, and on upper body days, I work on mobility prior to my main lifts. Being so… Read More »

Pregnant woman diet plans

Is it safe to? Is it true? Labour and birth Miscarriage and loss Naming your baby Nutrition Food and drink safety Pregnancy recipes. Community groups. Home Pregnancy Nutrition Healthy eating in pregnancy. In this article First-trimester meal planners Second-trimester meal planners Third-trimester meal planners Visit our community. A 3D look at how the food you… Read More »