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In KLAS pop health vendor report, Arcadia, Innovaccer, Epic take leads

A report released this week by KLAS found that Arcadia, Epic and Innovaccer stand out when it comes to customer experience, market energy and breadth of population health management capabilities.   In the report, researchers noted that customer success with PHM frequently hinges on ongoing vendor optimization.    “Provider organizations looking to advance their value-based… Read More »

Can you take cla while on keto diet

Supplement Wars! I ate half an egg roll and a couple of spoons of lo mein. Many keto dieters claim that exogenous ketones alleviated their keto flu. How many carbs does it take to get cured of ketosis? Notify of. Plant oils like avocado, flax, grapeseed, and hemp oil, all also provide unsaturated fats. Keto… Read More »

How and Why to Take CBD

CBD is the newest arrival on the wellness and complimentary health scene, but is a fad or does it have some genuine value and is it here to stay? If it can help you, then how should you take your CBD? Today we’re looking to answer some of these questions thanks to Discover Magazine. Why… Read More »