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The Spider Sex Position Takes Some Bravery, but Here’s How to Pull It Off

sandra standbridgeGetty Images The idea of a spider crawling in bed with you during sex? Terrifying. But the Spider sex position? That’s something you definitely want in your bed. The Spider sex position isn’t the simplest of positions, but trust us, it looks more daunting than it actually is. It’s likely not going to be… Read More »

Months Later, Some New Yorkers Are Still Banging Pots to Thank Frontline Workers

Sept. 28, 2021 — When the coronavirus pandemic locked down the nation’s largest city in the spring of 2020, New Yorkers flocked to their windows to bang their pots and pans and yell their thanks to health care workers and first responders for saving a city ravaged by COVID-19. But as the pandemic wore on,… Read More »

Exploring Some Complicated Issues: Body Image, Disorder Eating, and Weight in the Perinatal Period

Body image dissatisfaction is not an uncommon issue among women and is a significant risk factor for eating disorders. It is imperative to address — and ideally prevent — eating disorders, as they have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric condition and can result in substantial disability (Arcelus et al., 2011).  Over a third… Read More »

Make Some Microbe Friends

By KIM BELLARD It’s the coolest story I’ve seen in the past few days: The New York Times reported how an Italian  museum cleaned its priceless Michelangelo sculptures with an army of bacteria.  As Jason Horowitz wrote, “restorers and scientists quietly unleashed microbes with good taste and an enormous appetite on the marbles, intentionally turning… Read More »