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The CICO Diet and Walking Daily Helped Me Lose More Than 200 Pounds

Some of the most dramatic weight loss transformations begin with the simplest changes. For 30-year-old Dustin Schmidt, a project engineer at Oshkosh Defense in Appleton, Wisconsin, it was going for a walk. Here, Schmidt shares how he took control of his diet, stayed consistent, and ultimately lost more than 200 pounds on his way to… Read More »

Lose 12 pounds in 3 weeks diet

Practice intermittent fasting a few diets Calorie checker. Understanding calories Very low calorie days a week. Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a. Full disclosure: You probably won’t notice a change after making small food swaps for just a week. Dehydration causes your body to retain water, so while it may sound… Read More »

Best diet to lose 50 pounds fast

The truth is you can eat a diet of tasty foods that nourish your body, speed up your metabolism, and help you steer clear fast cravings so you can finally lose weight. Being aware of your weaknesses and making a list of the hurdles you will need lose jump, will help prepare you for these… Read More »