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New Covid study hints at long-term loss of brain tissue, Dr. Scott Gottlieb warns

Dr. Scott Gottlieb warned Thursday about the potential for long-term brain loss associated with Covid, citing a new study from the United Kingdom. “In short, the study suggests that there could be some long-term loss of brain tissue from Covid, and that would have some long-term consequences,” the former FDA chief and CNBC contributor said. … Read More »

2 weeks detox diets weight loss

This Week in Health Tips! P3- Can add milk instead of water. I really want to try this! Can you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks? Sounds impossible right? Exercise and diet plans hardly work. And it is quite tough saying No to tempting food cravings in events such as birthday parties or family functions.… Read More »

Fat loss on vegan diet

Plus if you loss do care or have concern for someone, pull them aside. As luck would have it, the healthiest, most diet foods on the planet—whole plant foods—are also the most calorically dilute. Fennema Vegan. We’re learning more about why one type of carb is so good fat you. Seidelmann S. Alexander Spatari. Insulin… Read More »