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ROVEMA invites confectionery and snack manufacturers to their Customized Experience in-house trade fair

Packaging machine specialist ROVEMA is organizing a multi-day customer event in May 2023, tailored to the requirements of the confectionery and snack industry. The event will be held at ROVEMA’s headquarters in Fernwald, Hesse. Under the motto “It’s about your products. Not ours”, the packaging machine manufacturer ROVEMA invites representatives of the confectionery and snack… Read More »

Why Is So Much “Patient Experience” Effort Focused on Financial Experience?

Financial Experience (let’s call it FX) is the next big thing in the world of patient experience and health care. Patients, as health consumers, have taken on more of the financial risk for health care payments. The growth of high-deductible health plans as well as people paying more out-of-pocket exposes patients’ wallets in ways that… Read More »

One food diet experience

Shop Now. Day 2 of OMAD today. Intermittent fasting for beginners Guide Want to try intermittent fasting for weight loss or health? My body is still angry on some days and I get some pretty harsh headaches. My caloric requirement is around calories by the older, conventional models. After the first 2 weeks it was… Read More »