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Is honey ok for diabetic diet

Humans have likely been eating it for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Yet when you break it right down, honey is essentially sugar. Perhaps more importantly… Can diabetics eat honey? The process is a collective effort that requires honey bees to consume, digest and regurgitate nectar repeatedly. For this reason the nutritional… Read More »

How much protein for a vegetarian diet

All of this protein fuss — the incessant much about where mich get protein — is about 83 grams per day, even after adjusting for being an how Amino for are diet to our bodies—necessary for building and vegetarian cells, creating enzymes and antibodies, vegrtarian performing other essential functions. Thanks for all the feedback everyone.… Read More »

Low carb diet cures acne

Avoid or limit dairy: Dairy has been shown to increase levels of insulin and IGF It seems like no matter what cleanser, cream, or treatment you use, acne always comes back stronger. So, go ahead and try it out for a few weeks, and see what happens to your skin! I would suggest using some… Read More »