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Journalists Tell How Covid Complicates Organ Transplants and the Health of Rural America

KHN senior correspondent JoNel Aleccia discussed organ transplants and the covid-19 vaccine on NBC’s “NBC Now” on Oct. 8. KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber discussed covid deaths in rural America on Iowa Public Radio’s “River to River” on Oct. 7. Related Topics Contact Us Submit a Story Tip Kaiser Health News

‘COVID toe’ a result of body’s misplaced effort to contain coronavirus: study

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Health and Wellness Health Those with the disease may not exhibit its typical symptoms so connection to virus may be overlooked Author of the article: Shari Kulha Publishing date: Oct 06, 2021  •  4 days ago  •  2 minute read  •  23 Comments “COVID toe” looks like chilblains, which happen as… Read More »

Fauci says Americans should get vaccinated even if Merck’s COVID pill cuts deaths

“Many of those deaths were unavoidable but many, many are avoidable, were avoidable and will in the future be avoidable,” Fauci, who is also director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on CNN’s “State the Union.” Fauci was enthusiastic about the development of the new Merck antiviral pill, describing it as… Read More »

CDC raises Covid travel advisory level for Singapore and Hong Kong

People are silhouetted against Singapore Airlines Airbus planes at Changi International Airport in Singapore on October 24, 2020. Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday raised its travel advisories for Singapore and Hong Kong by one level each. Singapore was raised from Level 2 to… Read More »

Study of Covid Booster Shot Benefits Fans Debate Over Extra Doses

The Coronavirus Pandemic liveCovid-19 Updates Coronavirus Map and Cases Hospitalizations in Southern I.C.U.s Vaccine Mandate Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story New Study of Covid Booster Shots Fans Debate Over Benefits Independent experts, including government scientists, were skeptical of the research from Israel, which included limited data over a… Read More »