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New mobile infrared heater launched by ARC Thermal: slashes home and office heating bills

The new LAVA® STAND mobile infrared heater slashes home and office heating bills as running costs are only 10p per hour (based on £0.34/kWh). This contrasts with 68p an hour for a 2kW fan heater or about £2.47 to heat a typical three-bedroom house for an hour with gas central heating. If working from home,… Read More »

Watch: Same Providers, Similar Surgeries, But Different Bills

[embedded content] Ely Bair had similar surgeries, at the same hospital, with the same insurer. But he received very different big medical bills. KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal joins “CBS This Morning” to break down how this could happen to you and what you can do to avoid it.  Related Topics Contact Us Submit a Story… Read More »

Huge surprise ambulance bills survive new Biden rule: ‘Congress dropped the ball’

Patients in need of ambulance rides will still be at risk of receiving unexpected medical bills in January when a 2020 law to ban all other surprise bills goes into effect. “It is a shame that Congress didn’t tackle one of the biggest types of surprise bills that patients have absolutely no control over. …… Read More »