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neXat interconnects with Eutelsat ADVANCE network to deliver wider coverage and better flexibility for ISPs worldwide

Singapore and Brussels, Belgium, 2 June 2022 – Connectivity providers worldwide can now benefit from better choice, wider coverage and greater flexibility thanks to the creation of a new global satellite network of Point-of-Presence (PoP) interconnections. The world’s first satellite aggregation platform, neXat (powered by SatADSL), will interconnect its three global PoPs – based in… Read More »

Why Fermented Soy Is Better

Two new studies have shown that fermenting soy dramatically reduces its potential allergenicity, and also increases the number of essential amino acids in soy products. When soy products were fermented, immunoreactivity was reduced by as much as 99 percent, according to tests that compared the blood plasma reactions for both fermented and unfermented soy products.… Read More »

Can Marijuana Make You a Better Athlete?

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Can Marijuana Make You a Better Athlete? When Sha’Carri Richardson was denied a spot in the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana, it reignited a debate about using cannabis to aid in sports. Does it actually help? Credit…Getty Images July 11,… Read More »

Is liquor or beer better for a diet

Only sweet or dessert wines are high in sugar. When you are dieting, you are at a deficit, so your body is relying just a bit more on every nutrient coming from your food. Reviewed by Kirsten Nunez, M. That doesn’t mean you should take up drinking to increase your cardiovascular health. If you enjoy… Read More »