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Public Health Nurses Once Again Asking, “What Are They Thinking?”

Whitney Thurman Karen Johnson By KAREN JOHNSON and WHITNEY THURMAN One recent Friday night, we huddled with our colleagues in the pouring rain at a movie theater parking lot– our cars packed with supplies for our mobile vaccine clinic— trying to find someone who wanted an extra dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine before it expired.… Read More »

Candida diet can i ever eat sugar again

It is too simplistic to say that candida lives on sugar and that is why it can cause you to have sugar cravings. For example, Candida albicans can utilize glucose, maltose, galactose, sucrose although some strains cannot ; and cannot utilize lactose, raffinose, D-arabinose. The revered German laboratory, the Dr Hauss Laboratory has extensively investigated… Read More »

Covid-19 UK: Number of Brits getting coronavirus each day drops AGAIN by 18% in a week

Britain’s daily Covid cases drop by a quarter in a week to 4,802 while deaths fall by 42% to 101 – but SAGE ‘fears third wave battering Europe could spread to the UK’ and England’s R rate rises for first time since December to 0.9 No10’s scientific advisory panel SAGE claimed England’s overall reproduction rate… Read More »