Raw food diet for immune system

By | December 28, 2020

raw food diet for immune system

Our bodies need certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients to survive and thrive. The study found that most bugs were indeed resistant to antibiotics, but that black cumin oil successfully stopped the growth of 97 out of The thymus gland is very important for the efficiency of our immune system. There is a really strong link between stress and immunity, so staying calm and positive is really important, and so as well as regular meditation, you should consider the amount of screen time that you are taking in on lockdown; this is the perfect time to read a book or take a walk instead! Lycopene is what gives watermelons their red color. But cooked vegetables also add a Ginger is famous for its knack of reducing indigestion and nausea, and for calming the digestive tract. Stay Updated with Our Latest Additions. Vitamin A is crucial for boosting the immune system and it protects eye health. There are also indications that lycopene can reduce inflammatory processes in the body.

Saffron is rich in carotenoids that help immunity, with active derivatives crocin and crocetin showing strong antioxidant and radical scavenging virtues. It contains more than active components that promote our health and fight off infections. Incorporating more vegetable juices into your diet as liquid nutrition is a great way to ensure your diet is optimal. To supplement this, explore the world of stress reducing adaptogens and functional ingredients like ginseng, holy basil tulsi or ashwagandha by adding these time-old ingredients into your food and drinks. Eating a plant-based diet can be especially beneficial when you use raw, unrefined, whole, minimally refined plants. It contains over different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as unique MAO inhibitors which promotes heightened levels of serotonin to circulate in the brain. Mushrooms are great for vegan cooking because they can take on a hearty, meaty texture and taste, making them great stand-ins for red meat in a recipe.

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Here a few particular power foods to help your immunity. Click through with each section to the Raw Press store for some of our favourite products, or check out our bundles here. It might seem the most obvious solution, but Vitamin C is crucial to a thriving immune system. Try drinking warm lemon water in the mornings, eating or drinking more citrus, or adding some vitamin-C rich baobab powder to your smoothies, juices or porridge. Baobabs are beautiful tall trees with huge wide trunks and spindly branches, found in hot areas of Africa or Australia, and these trees yield the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch. Baobab powder is made from this delicious fruit, and has a citrus-y sherbet-y taste, with importantly times more Vitamin C than oranges! Turmeric has certainly been having a superfood moment over the past few years, but far from being a faddy ingredient, turmeric is a traditional ingredient with a long history, and for good reason.

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