Raw food diet and grass fed cattle

By | July 6, 2020

raw food diet and grass fed cattle

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The meat aisle at your local supermarket is littered with labels—so you’ve likely noticed the term “grass-fed” and “grass-finished” on many cuts of red meat. If you’ve heard all the buzz behind grass-fed beef, you probably already know that it’s healthier than conventionally-raised meat. But, why is it better for you? And is the heftier price tag of grass-fed meat really worth it? To get the lowdown on why grass-fed and finished meats reign supreme, we spoke to multiple experts who share everything you need to know before picking your next grass-fed protein, whether it be a rib-eye, a burger, or beef jerky. Spoiler alert: shelling out extra cash for grass-fed meat is worth it. Find out why—and then convince your family and friends to get on the grain-free bandwagon, too! One thing to note: The term “grass-fed” significantly differs from “grass-fed and grass-finished” meat. Because the term “grass-fed” is no longer regulated by the FDA, manufacturers can feed their cattle grass at some point in their lives—but not for their entire lives—and deceptively label the meat “grass-fed. If they’re only fed a grass diet for a portion of their lives and not for the entirety, the meat would be deemed grass-fed and grain-finished. The addition of “grass-finished” on a grass-fed label ensures that the animal only dined on greenery—as well as guarantees you’re getting the utmost nutritious cut. While grass-fed, grain-finished meat isn’t as wholesome as grass-fed and grass-finished, you’d still reap more benefits than eating conventionally-raised meat.

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