Nordic diet recipes with canned tuna

By | January 2, 2021

nordic diet recipes with canned tuna

W hen you think about it, tinned tuna is a miracle. The spoilage window for fresh oily fish is measured in days or even hours, but I bought a tin of tuna last week with a best before date of Christmas I wish I could guarantee I will still be good to go in seven years. The original selling point of tinned tuna was its blandness — a less fishy alternative to sardines, it was marketed as tasting like chicken — which makes it a versatile, if not immediately inspiring ingredient. Tinned tuna is a culinary compromise, so just use what you have, unless it is the really expensive sort and you are saving it for a special occasion. Something is bound to come up in the next seven years. But, with 17 recipes to find, we are hardly in a position to be doctrinaire, so here is a version — from Claudia Roden, no less — that contains tuna and still makes bold claims to authenticity, originating as it does from a restaurant in Nice. Tinned tuna plays a feature role in many other salads. Angela Hartnett omits the onion and replaces the white beans with a mix of fresh green, yellow and runner beans. She must have a big fridge.

Featured Recipe: Homemade Kimchi. This version, for example, is baked rather than fried. A simple roasted salmon fillet alongside plenty of roasted veggies and quinoa is the perfect balance of protein, whole grains and vegetables. Currently, just one in 10 Americans consumes enough fruits or vegetables, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Spicy tuna roll. Thai tuna power bowl. By Mura Dominko. When you need a quick dinner that combines several pantry finds and frozen veggies, this one’s a slam dunk. Skyr Icelandic yogurt and kefir are commonly eaten in the Nordic region and, in addition to their probiotics, are rich sources of protein, calcium and potassium.

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