FUJI showcases placement solutions for the factory of the future at “Southern Manufacturing & Electronics” in the UK

By | January 24, 2023

Machines and services from FUJI enable electronics production under competitive conditions in the UK and Ireland

Kelsterbach, January 23, 2023 – Placement constantly demands new solutions to increase precision, quality, and flexibility in production. Automation continues to gain momentum here. FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION offers placement solutions that meet these requirements. For example, the AIMEX IIIc enables higher productivity and flexible high-mix production through automated processes. This makes it worthwhile for companies to have their own printed circuit board production. FUJI will be demonstrating the resulting competitive advantages and other solutions at booth K130 at “Southern Manufacturing & Electronics” from February 7-9, 2023, in Farnborough, England.

“A lot of customers had moved their production abroad due to low labor costs and infrastructure. For some months now, we have been noticing a turnaround. Partly due to the ongoing supply bottlenecks and the resulting shortage of materials, more and more FUJI customers are shifting their focus to their own PCB production – especially in the UK and Ireland. This is particularly true for medical products, which represent a major growth area in the global electronics industry,” explains Martin Rennie, Branch Manager UK & Ireland at FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH.

FUJI is therefore stepping up its activities in these countries and supporting manufacturing companies, for example, in setting up their own production lines. By providing the machines and accompanying services, many manufacturing companies no longer need to procure from external EMS service providers.

At Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, FUJI will showcase its latest hardware offerings and software features. The annual industrial show is the leading industry event for the UK manufacturing industry and its supply chains. The event therefore provides the ideal platform for FUJI to promote its solutions to audiences from the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. The AIMEX family is one of the series the company will be showcasing on its stand.

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Automation in placement is becoming increasingly important
“Today, placement processes, for example for electronic printed circuit boards, are subject to continuously growing requirements in terms of high-mix production or variable-mix and variable-volume production. This requires solutions that allow maximum flexibility. Our SMD placement machine AIMEX III/IIIc is designed accordingly versatile and supports the fast placement of chip parts as well as the production of high-mix parts”, explains Artur Tobolski, Regional Account Manager UK & Ireland of FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH.

The AIMEX III/IIIc machine platform allows any type of production and change of part type. Very small to very large parts can be handled by one machine. This makes it easy to start up new productions or to react quickly to errors that occur. Multiple inspection modes prevent the occurrence of defects and ensure high quality. The time and effort required is drastically reduced by advantages such as the reduction in the number of changeovers. Operation is extremely simple.

“The AIMEX III/IIIc placement system meets the requirements of the modern factory through fully automatic changeover, offline maintenance and automation of material management. The modern factory thrives on automated processes in order to ensure the high efficiency and competitiveness that are indispensable today,” says Artur Tobolski.

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