Endurance training on ketogenic diet

By | October 8, 2020

endurance training on ketogenic diet

The keto diet is often hyped as an effective weight loss tool, but did you ever wonder what it could do to your running performance? As an endurance athlete, you probably depend on carbs as an easily-accessible energy source for your runs, so what happens to your chances of getting faster or going harder if you limit them? Researchers from New Zealand took on that question, testing the effects of a keto diet on exercise efficiency—how much energy is required to perform work relative to body mass—and speed. In the study, researchers had a small sample of eight trained endurance athletes follow both a keto diet and their normal diets, which consisted of similar protein levels. When following the keto diet, participants consumed low levels of carbohydrates, and instead got most of their fuel from high-fat meals. Normal diets consisted of around 43 percent carbs and 38 percent fat. On the keto diet, participants only consumed 4 percent carbs and upped their fat intake to 78 percent. Researchers found that when the participants followed a keto diet and exercised at less than 60 percent of their VO2 max—the amount of oxygen you can efficiently consume and use—their exercise efficiency remained the same. But in exercise over 70 percent of VO2 max, their speed and endurance declined. In fact, running speed at VO2 max declined by 5 percent after keto-adaptation—when your body shifts from using carbs to using fat as the primary energy source. This suggests that the keto diet would be just fine for moderate running efforts, but if you want to get faster, or work out at more intense levels, like powering up a hill, it may not be the best diet plan for your goals.

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It requires more oxygen to create energy than carbohydrates do. There’s two basically ketone cells that are made, correct? We are looking to elevate blood ketones by manipulating our diet in a certain way.

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Low carbohydrate, high fat diet impairs exercise economy and diet the performance benefit from intensified training in ketogenic race walkers. However, the abundant carbohydrates in traditional high-fat diets may restrict us from training fat [ 15, 16, ketogenic, 18, 19, 20 ]. I have been working with committed, goal-oriented athletes for more than 30 years. A KD has potential and limitations, and further studies are warranted to investigate the combination of KD and endurance supplementations, or how to apply KD as a periodic nutritional approach, in order to discover training strategy for Endurance application. It keto ultra diet from shark tabk force me to rethink everything I eat from a sugar standpoint. On longer slow rides you will waste away if you do not eat enough, but that is unlikely in our world diet gluttony.

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